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The revamped training module is a fresh and simplified for developing your younger players and preparing the first-team for individual fixtures, and the season ahead. Touch may slim things down to the essentials, but you can still watch events unfold in the full 3D match engine or fast-forward to the final whistle by choosing the 'Instant Result' option.

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Focus on the important stuff - starting with tactics Touch concentrates your focus on just the key elements of management… everything else you can leave to your Backroom staff. This user interface redesign also creates room for a new search bar which is seamlessly integrated into the top of the screen, only becoming active when clicked upon or when a player uses the search shortcut.

The organization of this new system is actually very nice and well done.

One possible improvement would be to scale it back a little to being purely icon based, thereby decreasing the space taken up by the sidebar while retaining the ease of use it provides. On the whole the entire skin seems to have been cleaned up and appears more streamlined than that of FM Along with this new layer of polish comes tweaks to various menus and pages that will of course be more obvious to seasoned players. For instance, the layout and functionality of the tactics page has tweaked, bringing in new icons for player role suitability and positional ability while moving the individual player options away from the tactical layout and into its own column.

It takes a little getting used to, but on the whole it seems to have de-cluttered the tactical layout area somewhat.

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This allows for more detail on player roles and options to be provided on the actual tactics screen, without the need to transition to another page. The game also introduces four more roles to the tactical system with the option to select from Inverted Wingback, Roaming Playmaker , Wide Playmaker and the Raumdeuter along with the usual host of player roles from previous FMs.

The Raumdeuter in particular seems like a very mod-ish addition and one that will take some experimenting to get the best from, as typically it only refers to Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller.


The range of options and parameters to give to scouts when sending them on assignments has been improved, now including a number of pre-set search templates that allow players to quickly assign scouts to duties. This includes finding a replacement for a specific player or searching for hot prospects of the future.

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Searches can then be customized further to ensure scouts are looking for exactly the kind of player needed at the club. Scout reports have also been improved upon to provide players with more information on potential signings. A full list of pros and cons is now presented along with a final recommendation from the scout in question regarding whether the player is worth the gamble or not. The same basic information such as Name, Date of Birth, Favorite Club and Reputation are provided, but offer little impact on gameplay.

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FM15 players will now also be given a much more detailed set of options to customize their manager, which entails deciding between creating a coaching-orientated track-suit manager or a more withdrawn tactical manager. The new system allows players to tweak their manager to suit them, even going so far as to allocate points to select attributes. The attributes will then appear in-game on the manager profile and can be improved by taking on coaching courses to attain higher level coaching badges.

Though for those players with less time to dedicate to playing, or those who perhaps enjoy a much more scaled back approach, there is the Football Manager Classic mode that streamlines the experience a great deal. This mode allows players to complete seasons far quicker than in the full version of the game.

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