How to block ip address on mac os x

How to Ping Using the Terminal App on a Mac : Internet & Mac Tutorials

Fully SSL compatible proxy setting may be obtained from a service like ours visit our homepage , or from others on the Internet. Be sure to delete your browser cookies before surfing, as cookies are another tracking method used by many websites and marketers.

Configure firewall rules for an IP address on Mac

On Firefox step 3, you can tick "No proxy". A "how to" provided by iPrivacyTools. On the first dropdown menu of Firefox, select Preferences.

Go to the " Advanced " tab, then click the " Network " tab. In the section " Configure how Firefox connects to the internet ", choose " Settings ". Check "Manual proxy configuration" and "Use this proxy server for all protocols" In the white text area that says "No Proxy for", type " localhost, Click OK out of there. Skip to Step 8 if you're only using Firefox and not Safari. On Safari's first dropdown menu, select Preferences. Go to the " Advanced " tab, and next to "Proxies", select " Change Settings Next to "Configure Proxies", choose " Manually ".

Click " Apply Now ".

How to Block Outgoing Connections on a Mac

Check your IP address Firefox and Safari. Visit iPrivacyTools. Parental Controls only work for specific user accounts, and not for the administrator account. However the blocking I need is complete for the computer, not just specific users. Maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you want me to do with OpenDNS, please let me know what you had in mind. Lastly firewalls. I assume I need to create a deny statement somehow but I have never used ipfw to know for sure how to configure it. I have seen mention to a couple front ends to ipfw, but nothing that really says if it can do what I want and how to do it.

Thanks again for the help. Satcomer In Geostationary Orbit Feb 3, Well here are some answers: With OpenDNS you can make a free account and block certain kinds of web sites like porn, trojan hosting, etc.

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I do this and it works great and even made my surfing just a little faster. They have DNS server sites all of the world now too. Most kids have no clue what DNS means so hiding the knowledge of your OpenDNS account and putting those servers in the Mac you want, you have the blocks. This way you don't have to be a command line jockey to use that built-in robust firewall. Thanks for the reply again.

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I will look into waterRoof and noobProof to see how those work. I have installed waterroof. I have added in a couple test rules.

Hide IP Address on Mac OS X

I then added a deny all from me to However this one does not fix my issue. My issue is that the computer me in settings above sends out a global UDP broadcast that if the device at I figured if I blocked all communications between "me" and. However that does not seem to be the case. Thanks again.

When you sent broadcast udp it contains special broadcast IP address. And you router then repeat it to all device in the network. If you want to block packets from your computer to You must log in or register to reply here.