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In the PC and Macintosh versions, these can be played over a LAN or the Internet , but combat is limited to two players on the console versions. He or she can choose the player model with access to nearly every character in the game, as well as some characters from the films not seen in the single-player mode and lightsaber color. Before a match, the server specifies the game rules, including "Force ranking", which controls how many points the players have available to allocate into Force powers. Players then customize their powers for the match. The server can also choose to disable normal weapons so as to create lightsaber-only matches.

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The single-player game is set in 12 ABY, eight years after the events of Return of the Jedi and around two years after the events of Mysteries of the Sith. At the start of the game he is a mercenary working for the New Republic. Over the course of the game, Kyle is joined by various other characters. Other enemies include Imperial stormtroopers , numerous thugs and soldiers infused with the Force known as the "Reborn".

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However, when they arrive, they find the base crawling with Imperial forces. They fight their way through the base, discovering a research center studying crystals similar to those used to power lightsabers. Katarn thwarts the Imperial operations, but not before Jan is captured by the Dark Jedi Desann and his apprentice Tavion. There, he learns of Desann's origins from Luke Skywalker.

Kyle completes the trials easily, so easily that Luke quickly deduces Kyle has returned to the Valley. Sensing Kyle's anger about the death of Jan, Luke warns Kyle that the path he is walking is a dangerous one, but he nevertheless gives Kyle the information he seeks, linking Desann to Reelo Baruk, a Rodian crime lord on Nar Shaddaa. From Lando, Kyle learns that Desann is a part of a huge operation smuggling cortosis, a lightsaber-resistant material, through Cloud City. Escaping from Reelo, Kyle and Lando then head for Bespin.

Lando drops Kyle off at the bottom of Cloud City, and as he works his way up the structure he has his first encounter with a Reborn. Kyle defeats Tavion and threatens to kill her, but Tavion pleads for her life, telling Kyle that Jan is alive and on board the Doomgiver. In exchange for her life, Tavion lets Kyle use her ship to travel to the Star Destroyer. After fighting his way past some stormtroopers at the Cairn Installation - an Imperial base hidden on an asteroid in the Lenico Belt, where the Doomgiver is docked - Kyle meets up with Luke Skywalker.

From Luke, Kyle learns that Desann has found the Valley of the Jedi, and used its energy to empower an army of Reborn which could number in the thousands. After battling several Reborn together, they part ways. Kyle then sneaks across the Cairn base and finds out it is also a large assault ship construction facility, which is preparing for a full-scale planetary assault.

Kyle confronts more Reborn, including "Shadowtroopers" - Reborn equipped with armor which is both lightsaber-resistant, and allows a measure of invisibility. Kyle manages to sneak into the Doomgiver before the ship leaves Cairn, but Luke is left behind. After the Doomgiver completes its jump to hyperspace , Kyle uses the ship's communications array to contact Rogue Squadron. He finds Jan in the detention block, but then learns that Desann was not specifically interested in the Valley of the Jedi - instead his goal all along was to invade the Jedi Academy.

Kyle destroys the Doomgiver ' s shield reactor, and kills Galak Fyyar. With the invasion fully underway, Kyle heads to the Jedi Academy, while Jan goes to a hangar to assist in the aerial battle.

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Kyle soon finds the academy overrun with Imperial forces, but with the help of the New Republic troops, he fends them off. Together with Jedi Academy students, he engages in a fight against Reborn warriors and Shadowtroopers. After crossing underground tunnels, Kyle finally confronts Desann.

He reveals the Doomgiver ' s destruction and the defeat of the Imperial forces, but Desann rejects Kyle's offer to rejoin the Jedi and they engage in a lightsaber battle. Kyle prevails and kills Desann. Some plot details were given, such as the locations visited in the game; Cloud City, Yavin IV, Smuggler's Moon and some planets original to the game.

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The polygon capacity of the engine had also been doubled. LucasArts announced that the game would feature multiplayer, although due to being early in development little information was revealed. On July 17, , multiplayer developer Pat Lipo made a post on his.

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast - The Best Worst Best Game Ever

Whitehouse moved on to tackle the entirety of the game's multiplayer codebase , and was subsequently credited as the game's sole multiplayer programmer. On January 16, , LucasArts launched a new website for Jedi Outcast featuring an overview of the game and information regarding characters, weapons and Force powers.

An FAQ , screenshots , concept art , images of player models and downloadable wallpapers were also available. A new trailer was also released. Jedi Outcast shipped on March 26, The game's SDK was released on April 22, This included a level editor , map compiler , model viewer, and shader editor and viewer. It was released during the holiday season. SourceForge later explained to media outlet Kotaku that Raven Software had requested its removal. Kotaku speculated this was due to the presence of licensed code, such as for the Bink Video format from Rad Game Tools , that was not intended to be made public.

However, prior to the removal a fork called "OpenJK" was created on GitHub with the problematic code parts already excised. Daily builds for Windows and early Linux builds are already available.

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At the time, this led Edge to declare it the country's 39th-best-selling computer game, and best-selling Jedi Knight computer title, released since January Combined sales of all Jedi Knight computer games released during the s, including Jedi Outcast , reached , units in the United States by August Game Informer scored the game 9. He praised how authentically ' Star Wars ' the game felt, as well as the lightsaber interface, writing "I've played a ton of Star Wars games in my time, and I don't think any of them can match the excitement and fun of lightsaber play in Jedi Outcast.

IGN were also impressed, scoring the game 9 out of 10 and giving it an "Editor's Choice" award. Reviewer Steve Butts lauded the "tightly written, mature plot," and wrote "not only is this one of the greatest Star Wars games I've ever played, it's one of the best action games period.

In a negative review, X-Play criticized the game as a "disturbance in the Force.

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They criticized the slow start, the lightsaber interface and the AI. However, they did commend the atmosphere and some of the level design. They concluded that " Jedi Outcast is a rather patchy game, with moments of genius let down by a lack of consistency. The guns are derivative and rarely used once you get hold of your lightsaber, the melee combat clumsy and chaotic, the AI poor and some of the locations derivative and poorly designed. In June , GameTrailers 's list of the 10 best Star Wars games saw Jedi Outcast rank at number one, with the editorial commenting that "This was certainly not the first time players had the opportunity to play as a Jedi in a video game, it was the first time you actually felt like one.

The editors wrote, " Jedi Knight II is a blast, and the force powers and lightsaber control are perfectly executed.

The Xbox version holds an aggregate score of 81 out of on Metacritic, based on twenty-four reviews. The Xbox version was described as "truly fantastic" by the Official Xbox Magazine , who scored it 9 out of Reviewer Aaron Boudling praised how the controls had been mapped onto the Xbox Controller , but was highly critical of the game's lack of support for Xbox Live , and the absence of an online multiplayer mode. He also felt the graphics in the cutscenes were significantly weaker than the PC version.

In fact, the game's complicated control scheme is better served on an Xbox controller than it is in the PC's typical mouse and keyboard setup. Reviewer Kristan Reed found a lot of the problems with the game to be inherent to the original, not problems with the port - a slow beginning, poor AI, bad level design, repetitive puzzles. Reed called the lack of Xbox Live support "plain unacceptable" and concluded " Jedi Outcast is certainly an entertaining package when it gets things right, but it's also riddled with design flaws, technical flaws and various minor irritations that conspire to detract from your overall enjoyment.

Given that it's also not Live or even LAN enabled, Xbox owners don't even have that crumb of comfort to elevate its status. GameSpot scored the GameCube version 8. It is our newest curriculum; Used by over schools in 60 countries worldwide. Between his relatively high hit counts, his Knight of Owner's passive star generation of up to 15 stars per turn, and his Knight of the Lake providing up to 20 stars on demand, Lancelot can generate stars whenever his Master decides he needs to.

I didn't expect buying a custom lightsaber at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disneyland's new "Star Wars land," to feel so much like a drug deal. Any cruise ship lets you see the world. Remember, your first 5 posts must be approved by a moderator. Recommended operating system: OS compatible with iOS Holocrons are.