How to maximize web browser on mac

As you can see in the above screenshot, we end up with a vast expanse of unwanted whitespace when suck. Excessively long lines are hard to read , which is why most newspapers are formatted into columns. It's also why websites with any design chops at all never let text extend the full width of the browser.

I agree in principle that windows shouldn't be larger than their maximum usable size. But I also think windows with a fixed layout shouldn't be resizable in the first place.

This is the subject of an entire sidebar in Neilsen's latest book, Prioritizing Web Usability. While the Maximize button tempts many users, they are often poorly served by it. For example, a pixel-wide window will result in overly long lines for text-heavy applications such as web browsing. The preponderance of maximized windows also makes it difficult for users to understand the multiwindow nature of modern GUIs. In theory people are supposed to work with overlapping windows but in practice they can't when windows take up the entire screen.

Maximized windows deceive people into thinking of the computer as a full-screen environment rather than one with multiple, simultaneously active areas. Fortunately, maximized windows will gradually vanish as people get bigger monitors. With a pixel-wide screen, a maximized window is so grotesquely oversized that most users will resize it and work with two or more windows at a time. Tiled windows may also enjoy a renaissance with huge screens, making it easy to deal with two to four windows simultaneously. You should now see the RightZoom application. To make sure windows actually maximize.

Make sure the following settings are in place:. Side note: Notice the advertisement at the bottom of the app. My advice is the same as with all ads: Ignore, ignore, ignore! Try out the green button now.

How to maximize your El Capitan windows without going full screen

If all goes well, it should really actually truly maximize. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here are some directions for installation and set up.

[WebUI] Maximize Window | Katalon Docs

It is made by BlazingTools software. It is free, and considered to be safe. Installation Instructions: 1. If your Mac opens the file, you can skip to Step 4 now. Finding RightZoom. Show Sidebar in Finder 6. I read that this occurs only when you have it set to remember all your open tabs. The only thing that works for me is this manual size and position shortcut switch. One of my ongoing problems has been trying to maintain the size and position of Google Chrome browser windows between reloads.

I have finally worked out how to do it, so for those of you who have a similar beef, here is the method. To permanently set the Chrome window size and position add the following switches to the shortcut that opens Chrome. You can adjust the path and numbers to suit your own situation.

How to use full screen mode on Mac

To apply these switches, right click the Chrome shortcut and choose "properties". Add the switches to the target text box. Start each switch with a space followed by -- and then the switch as shown above.

A second switch can be added by leaving a space and then writing the next one. Anon Mason. It seems to remember shrinking the chrome browser. But doesn't remember making it larger. In my case it is very thin and wide when I open it. Another case of Google hiring fresh collage interns that want to "improve" on what already works to look good. Nancy Dunham. Kathleen French. When a link from our website is clicked and when the control comes back to it, it is in a small chrome window.

It started happening from October. Any workaround or suggestions?

How to Maximize the Screen on a Mac Computer

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