Como hacer un indice en pages mac

If the selected entry is the heading for multiple subheadings, all subheadings are also deleted. In the Index panel, click Reference , and then select the entry you want to locate. The insertion point appears to the right of the index marker.

Create or edit an index

You can fix this problem by capitalizing selected entries. Create an index Search. InDesign User Guide. Select an article: Applies to: About indexing. Parts of an index. Tips for creating an index. Here are a few guidelines to consider: Workflow for creating an index. To create an index, follow these basic steps: Add index markers. Generate the index. Flow the index story. Index panel overview.

Create a list of topics for an index. Index panel in Reference mode left and Topic mode right. Add topics to the topics list. Select Topic. Do one of the following:. Select an existing topic. Enter subtopics in the second, third, and fourth boxes.

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Import topics from another InDesign document. Choose Import Topics in the Index panel menu. Edit an index topic. Open a document containing the index topics. In the Index panel, select Topic. In the preview area, double-click a topic to edit. Add index entries. Index panel in Reference mode.

Add an index entry. Select Reference.

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To add text to the Topic Levels box, do any of the following:. Index entry in the Topic Levels box left and resulting appearance in the Index right. Double-click any topic in the list box at the bottom of the dialog box. To change the way an entry is sorted in the final index, use the Sort By boxes.

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  7. Specify the type of index entry:. To add an entry to the index, do any of the following:. Index a word, phrase, or list quickly. In the document window, select the word or words you want to index.

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    Create a new entry from an existing one. In the document window, click an insertion point, or select text where the index marker will appear. Index every occurrence of a word automatically. In the document window, select the text you want to search for. In the Index panel, select Reference.

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    Edit an index entry. Open the document containing the index entries. In the Index panel, do one of the following:. Select Reference to edit an individual entry.

    About indexing

    In the preview area, select an entry or page reference. To select a page reference, select the page icon below the entry. Double-click an entry or page reference to edit. Page range options in indexes.

    Create or edit an index - Word for Mac

    Current Page. The page range does not extend beyond the current page. To Next Style Change. To Next Use Of Style. To End Of Story. To End Of Document. The page range extends from the index marker to the end of the document. To End Of Section. For Next Of Paragraphs. For Next Of Pages. Suppress Page Range.

    Cross-references can serve different purposes in an index: Two types of cross-references. Optional Select Book to view index entries from any open documents in a book file. Enter a topic or topics in the Topic Levels boxes. Click Add to add the cross-reference to the index.

    Make characters superscript or subscript

    Generate an index. Choose Generate Index in the Index panel menu. Specify settings for the following options:. To view additional index options, click More Options. If Replace Existing Index is deselected, a loaded text icon appears. Place the index story as you would any other text. Index formatting options. Index with nested entries. Nested or Run-in.