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You can also adjust the settings manually:. Video Capture Device: Audio Capture Device: Save files to: Now start playing the video cassette in your VHS player. You can stop the capture at any time by clicking the Stop Capture button. After the digitizing process is complete, you'll find a copy of your VHS video in the folder you specified. Now you can edit and enhance your old analog videos using Movavi Video Editor's 21st century technology!

Improve video quality , cut segments from your video , add special effects , music and titles , speed up and slow down video, and much more! An intuitive photo editing app that lets you retouch any photo on the fly. Improve quality, add filters and captions, remove unwanted objects, change backgrounds, and more!

An easy way to record from your screen in HD. Make video footage of any application, record online streaming video, webinars, even Skype calls, and save clips in all popular formats.

How to transfer VHS tapes to your Mac | Alexander Skogberg

Looking for a VHS-to-digital converter? The 25 GB recording was shrunk to just 1. Quality stayed the same, nice! Setup before converting the transfered video tape to H.

Analog to digital

I store them on:. My dad also stores the video files like this. Do not just burn the video files on DVDs. After transferring, compressing and storing your video files you might want to edit them.

Reviews of Top VHS Converters for Windows and Mac

Several of my video files contained long moments with just a blank screen before the next segment. Transferring old VHS tapes to digital form is time-consuming, but very rewarding. Some memories will surprise you, many will make you smile and others will be bittersweet to watch. Here is a short video clip from July 7, of my little bunny rabbit Snuffe.

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He turned eleven years old before he passed away in the Summer of I still miss him from time to time. A post shared by Alexander Skogberg alexanderskogberg on Dec 29, at 6: This is how I did it, step by step. However, once you get the settings right, the results are amazing. It can even bypass copyright protection.

How to Convert VHS to Digital

The fact that the software includes three different capturing modes means it's good for novices as well as advanced users. In addition you can also burn your videos to Blu-Ray Disc.

You just need to plug in the device, download drivers from CD, and you're all set to covert. Also don't use it with Windows Vista and Windows 7. The included software works well and records audio from tapes and records and also captures videos.

It is compatible with nearly all types of video capture and editing software and its broad range of features earns it the silver award in the Top Ten Reviews. It can also be used with other third party video capture software. It is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, compatible with third party software, easy to use and also has a separate converter for Mac.

Works on several operating systems but the included software doesn't work well. In fact, the conversion process is better with Windows Movie Maker.