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Tienes que copiar las roms antes de ejecutar emulationstation para que las detecte correctamente. Pulsamos start y seleccionamos el menu de scraper. Seguimos con los juegos, ahora toca hablar de Moonlight. Antes de lanzarte a jugar, es recomendable que configures tu joystick. Para configurar nuestro mando de XBOX usb lanzaremos el siguiente comando:. Disponemos de varios parametros para personalizar moonlight , por ejemplo podemos arrancar a 30fps o 60fps, o , etc Si queremos lanzar un juego que tenemos en el listado pero no en Steam haremos lo siguiente:.

Haz lo mismo para los 4 ficheros. El programa principal del desktop es Firefox , el conocido navegador web disponible ahora en tu Raspberry. Skip to content. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. Centro multimedia usando Kodi Contenido del MediaCenter Mediacenter Kodi Utilizar el programa win32diskimager Linux: PASO 2: PASO 3: PASO 4: Configurar Transmission opcional Transmission es un programa que permite transformar tu Raspberry en un servidor de descargas BitTorrent.

Edita el fichero de auto-arranque con el comando: Campo Significado "download-dir": Activa el daemon manualmente con el comando: PASO 5: Configurar PyLoad opcional PyLoad es un programa que permite transformar tu Raspberry en un servidor de descargas directas. Edita el fichero de auto-arranque cron con el comando: PASO 6: Raspberry Pi 2: The potential scalability issues associated to the beacon generation and In corporate and commercial environments, the deployment of a set of coordinated Wi-Fi APs is becoming a common solution to provide Internet coverage to moving users.

In these scenarios, real-time services as online games can also be present. This paper presents a set of experiments developed in a test scenario where an end device moves between dif Improving Network Efficiency with Simplemux. The high amount of small packets currently transported by IP networks results in a high overhead, caused by the significant header-to-payload ratio of these packets. In addition, the MAC layer of wireless technologies makes a nonoptimal use of airtime when packets are small. Small packets are also costly in terms of processing capacity. This paper Traffic Profile Optimization.

Flows of small packets presenting a high overhead, as the ones generated by emerging services, can be identified by the SDN controller, in order to remove header fields that are common to any packet in the flow, only during their way t Network Protocols and Algorithms. Jul The increase of Internet penetration in the last years is boosting the popularity of eVoting systems. However, in order to have a security level similar to that of an in-person voting, a series of security requisites have to be accomplished.

This article describes a secure eVoting protocol based on ring signatures. The implementation details and th Jan The utilization of TCP, which was not initially designed for soft real-time services, has many implications for the competing traffic flows. In this paper we present a series of studies which explore the competitio Emerging Real-Time Services: Optimizing Traffic by Smart Cooperation in the Network.

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The rise of new real-time interactive services, in which consumers demand high subjective quality, makes it necessary to define new network mechanisms that can dynamically adapt to traffic variations. Cooperation between the different actors is required in order to adapt the traditional network infrastructure to these new traffic patterns while gua A collaborative tool for decision making in the Knowledge Society. This paper presents a new module devoted to knowledge extraction and diffusion, based on a previously developed decision making tool concerning the Internet and related with the multicriteria selection of a discrete number of alternatives.

Quantitative and Qualitative procedures using data and text mining methods have been employed in the extractio Optimization of P2P-TV traffic by means of header compression and multiplexing.

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First, a traffic characterization is deployed, and it is observed that the service generates a high rate of small UDP packet bursts between peers. Then, an optimization method based on header compression and multiplexing is used for sending together the packets wi The influence of the buffer size in packet loss for competing multimedia and bursty traffic. This work presents an analysis of the effect of the access router buffer size on packet loss rate and how it can affect the QoS of multimedia services when bursty traffic is present.

VoIP traffic, real traces of videoconferencing and videosurvellance are used in two different scenarios with medium link utilization. The study shows that the bursty n Presentation CCNC delta v5.


CCNC presentation. CCNC presentation "Evaluation of multiplexing Presentation CCNC gamma def.

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Enhancing throughput efficiency via multiplexing and header compression over LISP tunnels. Taking into accou Online Games Traffic Multiplexing: Analysis and Effect in Access Networks. Enterprises that develop online games have to deploy supporting infrastructures, including hardware and bandwidth resources, in order to provide a good service to users. First Person Shooter games generate high rates of small UDP packets from the client to the server, so the overhead is significant. This work analyzes a method that saves bandwidth, This paper compares two policies which can be used for multiplexing the traffic of a number of players of a First Person Shooter game.

A network scenario in which a number of players share an access network has been simulated, in order to compare the policies in terms of a subjective quality estimator. The first policy, namely timeout, achieves hig IPTV quality assessment system. These new real-time Applications require a reliable performance of the network so as to provide a good Quality of Service QoS so it is important for the services providers to estimate the quality offered; and regardl The utility of characterizing the buffer of network devices in order to improve real-time interactive services.

The behaviour of the routers' buffer is of primary importance when studying network traffic, since it may modify some characteristics, as delay or jitter, and may also drop packets. As a consequence, the characterization of this buffer is interesting, especially when real-time flows of interactive services are being transmitted. If the buffer chara This work presents a study of the behavior of the router buffer when managing the traffic of P2P-TV applications, where a number of peers exchange video content.

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First, a summary of the characteristics of SOPCast is presented. Then, the results obtained in simulation tests using different buffer policies are presented. Real traces of the applicatio Online FPS games: Effect of router buffer and multiplexing techniques on subjective quality estimators. First Person Shooters are a genre of online games in which users demand a high interactivity, because the actions and the movements are very fast.

They usually generate high rates of small packets which have to be delivered to the server within a deadline. When the traffic of a number of players shares the same link, these flows can be aggregated i Our focus is on the effects of the sender buffer size and FTP cross-traffic on the queuing delay experienced In order to optimize the traffic and to improve bandwidth efficiency, TCM can be applied when t Widening the scope of a standard: Real time flows tunneling, compressing and multiplexing.

The use of the Internet for delivering real-time traffic flows makes it necessary to fragment the information into small pieces, thus making the traffic have a bad efficiency.

Evaluating the influence of multiplexing schemes and buffer implementation on perceived VoIP conversation quality. May This work presents a study of RTP multiplexing schemes, which are compared with the normal use of RTP, in terms of experienced quality.

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Bandwidth saving, latency and packet loss for different options are studied, and some tests of Voice over IP VoIP traffic are carried out in order to compare the quality obtained using different implementations o This work presents a study of the effect of router buffer size on the subjective quality experienced by players of online games, which is a service with very tight real-time requirements.

Quality estimators for other real-time services like e. VoIP were developed years ago, and they are commonly used when planning a new telephony system. They mai Influence of online games traffic multiplexing and router buffer on subjective quality. This work presents a simulation study of the influence of a multiplexing method on the parameters that define the subjective quality for online games, mainly delay, jitter and packet loss. The results for an available subjective quality estimator from the literature are also shown. Two buffer implementations, each one with two buffer sizes, are tes The utility of characterizing packet loss as a function of packet size in commercial routers.

This graph can help us to take some decisions about traffic, e. In addition, it can be useful to have a better idea of the internal architecture First Person Shooters: Real-time services are very challenging for current network infrastructures. One of these services is online gaming, which has acquired more importance in the last years. The quality experienced by users could be improved by the use of a smarter network, which includes some proxies near the players in order to transfer intelligence from the game se This letter compares different policies for multiplex- ing the traffic of online games.

In order to achieve bandwidth savings and to alleviate the high packet rate, headers are compressed and a number of native packets are included into a bigger one, using PPPMux and an L2TP tunnel. Small and controlled delays and jitter are added due to retention Securization of policy making social computing. An application to e-cognocracy. Policy making social computing conform a set of social software tools that deal with the e-participation of citizens in policy making, that is to say, with the conjoint representatives and citizens design and selection through the internet of public policies.

E-cognocracy is a cognitive democracy oriented to the extraction and sharing of knowledg The enterprises that develop online games need hardware and bandwidth resources in order to give a good service to the users. These games produce a high rate of small UDP packets from the client to the server, so the overhead is significant. The actions of the players have to be propagated to the server and to the rest of the players in a very shor Mar The system is designed for an enterprise with offices in different countries.

The multimedia landscape is evolving towards more customized services which imply increasingly stringent requirements on networks. The triple-Play environment is insufficient to adapt to each requested service and deliver it over the Internet with guaranteed Quality of Experience QoE. Evaluation of multiplexing and buffer policies influence on VoIP conversation quality. Feb The bandwidth saving of the different schemes is studied, and some tests with VoIP traffic are carried out in order to compare R-factor using three different router buffer policies. Network delays are ad IPTV as a services distribution channel: The importance of interactivity and personalization in the purchasing of news-on-demand packages. The authors test the effects of its features, such as personalization and interactivity, on users' perceived control and satisfaction with their purchase experience. Two different buffer policies are considered. The conclusion is that multiplexing all the Improving quality in a distributed IP telephony system by the use of multiplexing techniques. Companies with offices in different countries or geographical areas can build a central managed telephony system sharing the lines of their gateways in order to increase admission probability and to save costs on international calls.

So it is convenient t Influence of the router buffer on online games traffic multiplexing. This work presents a study of the behavior of a tunneling, compressing and multiplexing technique, named TCM, which can obtain bandwidth savings when many users of online games share the same path, as it occurs e. The main characteristics of the technique are summarized, and some tests are carried out with real machines which e Security approaches in e-cognocracy.

E-cognocracy is a democratic model focussed on the joint creation of Social Wisdom through the Internet by means of the extraction and diffusion of knowledge related with the scientific resolution of highly complex problems associated with public decision making. To this end, e-cognocracy allows for the consideration of several rounds during the re Hybrid testbed for network scenarios.