Mac mouse settings keep resetting

I've never heard of a USB hub doing anything like that.

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Have you found a solution to this issue yet? Sounds like something Apple might have to fix. I am going to see if doing a clean instal will work; waiting to have internet reinstalled in my apartment. There are reports of this happening with USB hubs. I had the same issue years ago with a iMac, back then the SMC could be reset by the power button. Not any more. It's your hub. They will sometimes trigger your mouse Unplug it and you will not have the issue anymore. Thank you! She was suitably impressed! Before I wrote this article, I wasn't aware of it either.

Turns out it's extremely useful! Hopefully this article has helped get the word out—I'm sure there are a lot of people who could benefit from knowing what it is and how to reset it.

5 reasons your Macbook keeps restarting and how to fix the issue

This error message pops up: I looked around online a bit, and I found a forum post that has some advice for this issue: I am having to reset the pram and the smc every single time I turn on my computer. I can't put it to sleep of I have the do the pram reset. Whey is this happening? What can I do? You might want to bring your computer into an Apple store and have their techs look at it.

What Is the SMC in a Mac?

That's not a problem I've come across before. Can you be more specific as to the steps for a machine like mine? I have a Macbook Pro retina. You say "On the built-in keyboard, press the Shift, Control, and Option keys on the left side and the power button, all at the same time. My issue is that I get a popup about icloud password every time i boot up. I recently switched to two step verification, and I think it's asking for an app specific password.

Why does my mouse settings keep getting reset from time to time? - Microsoft Community

Power down the computer normally 2. Ensure power cord is plugged in 3. Does that sound like the physical steps you're using? If so, how can there be no confirmation that something is happening like with PRAM, at least it dings over and over again if you hold down all the buttons. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Yes, that should say "release all four keys at the same time.

That's why "turn on the computer" is the next step. So you're correct in thinking that there's no confirmation—I'm not sure why that's the case, but I've never had any sort of confirmation on my machine. What happens when you enter your iCloud password? If you look closely you will notice on the MagSafe power cord where the magnet plugs into the side of the computer the tiny LED light will change from Amber color to green and back to Amber that is the confirmation that the SMC was reset. The MagSafe light indicator, you mean? I would imagine that it is.

Have you tried resetting the SMC on your computer? I literally cannot thank you enough. You saved me so much time and money and Apple-related stress, this was the only thing that worked! I'm really glad to hear that it was helpful! This is a common fix that a lot more people should know about. That's a problem.

Everywhere I've read the SMC advice, it says to remove the plug "for 15 seconds". I assume it means "at least" 15 seconds - or is the time critical? As far as I know, it's at least 15 seconds, and it doesn't have to be exact. As for turning your computer off at the wall. I'm not sure. If you want to reset the SMC, though, I'd use the procedure above. You shouldn't need to reset it every night. That's a tough one.

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I'd head to an Apple store. I'm not sure if there's much you can do about that! Hi, read through all of these posts and wondering if anyone can assist? I have a 15" Macbook Pro with Retina display that is just over a year old and it will not turn on. I'd bring that to the Apple store; if neither of these resets are helping, you might need some more serious work done.

Let us know how it turns out! Hi Jeff, did you manage to fix your mac? I have the same Macbook with the same problem and mine is only a year old as well this month.

How to fix the Apple Magic Mouse! works every time 100%

Please share any new information you might have. Hello, I have an MacBook pro that is randomly shutting down on me anytime that I try to run some hefty programs, and even sometime if I run more then one program. Sometime just starting her up make it shut down. I have trying to restart the SMC, but I am not sure if I did it correctly or that was just not the solution.

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Any suggestions? Have you tried resetting the PRAM as well? Also, means the computer's four or five years old, so you might be having some age-related problems; that's about how long mine last when I use them all the time. I did the shift safe mode restart thing and it stayed loading for about 25 minutes, now I just tried restarting the pram but this is also taking a while to change, how long does it take until it boots up?

I started having problems while plugging a USB in the computer and then it froze. Now I just have a grey screen with the apple logo and a loading dotted circle moving. It certainly shouldn't take 25 minutes to boot. Hopefully that'll get you back up and running! Hi,I have an 06 macbook, for a while the battery has been unrecognised and it shows the x symbol where it should be a thunderbolt Iv reset the smc with an initial change but then defaults back to the x symbol..

This evening I replaced the connection from the logic board to the battery and still no further forward after the resets I checked with a Mac repair shop and their is no fault with the battery I'm at a loss really, any ideas? Thanks in advance, Dec. Though I have to say that you've been able to keep a Macbook running for 9 years!

That's pretty impressive. After doing a little research, I haven't come up with a whole lot on this.