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However, you can change this fingerprint temporarily, using a technique known as spoofing. For increased security, some networks only accept connection requests from devices that have a pre-approved MAC address. Cafes, hotels, airports, and many other places that offer free Wi-Fi, are starting to block users once they reach a specific time or data limit. If you find yourself unceremoniously kicked off a network, then you can often trick that network into seeing you as a new user, by changing your MAC address.

Tracking your MAC address is one of the ways that third parties can gather information about your online activities.

Change OS X MAC Address

Generating a new MAC address from time to time can make it more difficult for these third parties to track your browsing history. You can change your MAC address via the Terminal, but since this information is hard-coded, your device will revert to its original MAC address upon restart.

If this sounds like something you might want to do, then you should make a note of your MAC address before you start the spoofing process. Your Mac will now be using a new address!

If you want to check what this address actually is, then simply run the following Terminal command:. To switch back to your original address at any point, either restart your computer or enter the original MAC address into the Terminal, using the following command:. Jessica Thornsby is a technical writer based in Sheffield. She writes about Android, Java, Kotlin and all things Apple.

Change your hard-coded MAC address - without additional software -

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Name TMACv6. Enhanced network configuration presets with IPv6 support allow you to quickly switch between network configurations. Allows complete configuration of any network adapter. Command line options with entire software functionality available.

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