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I've tried all the "work arounds" short of using the beta of CS6. Most do not work or are unacceptability cumbersome. Who wants to use a Beta of anything for production work? Not me. Especially after the latest upgrade to LR4. LR is suppose to stream line work flow not complicate it. This version is a DOG. Check out the Photoshop family forums at photoshop. Some of which did not exist in the beta version.

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On top of all that it's slower than LR3. Had to go back to LR3 for production work. LR4 is just too unreliable. A lot of people using AMD processors have voiced their opinion about slowness. Have you tried 4. You can get the beta of it from adobe Labs. You might find many of the problems you are facing have been addressed in this version.

I haven't been a huge fan of the program but I do use it. Since trialing 4.

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Particularly the way it handles noise and mild HDR corrections. I guess no one is twisting arms to make users buy it. I'll upgrade when 4.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5

I'm fairly sure I'll find a lot more use for it too. I'm not so sure about Photoshop 6 though. Been using Lightroom 3 for many months now. From what I can read between the lines is that the L4 is just not worth the upgrade. Some functions on the Basics Panel have been changed about. I prefer the old fill in light, black e.

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  • So what if it has slightly better noise level performance and usualy at a price on a slight Photo quality depletion. One does not need a better noise leve performance if one has a top Camera. It's all a sale gimmig. I am sticking to my trusted L3 and Gimp to do much of my real Pro work woth. The rest is just good photography to start with. I'm sticking.

    There's not enough in the new package to compensate for a huge loss in speed on my 18 month old Mac. Sliders very quickly stop sliding and adjustment becomes tedious. Giving up my second monitor speeds things up but overall it's still significantly slower than LR3.

    While I will say that I love Lightroom, Lightroom 4 is very slow. Lightroom 3 was brilliant, and fast. Lightroom 4 crawls, and seems to page the disk a lot more. Even though not really an upgrade I got LR4 for it's video archiving. You can do some simple trimming and color corrections to video clips but LR is not for that and hope Adobe won't make LR a mammoth as they so often do with other products. All in all, it runs the same as all other LR versions. If you need LR for it's core capabilities then you can skip this version. I recommend you explore some real DAM software.

    LR is mediocre DAM at best. Some of these are image managers, some real asset managers, which can manage all your documents inc. I am concern that so many are reporting LR4 to be slower than LR3. I have no use for the book and map module, but I could use the video managing functionality. Could someone give me their opinion on this?

    Should I upgrade? It is all over the adobe forums. I would hold off on moving from 3. I have upgraded but will probably go back to 3.

    How To Get Lightroom For Free

    It is slower The image adjustments seem to lag behind the changes I make through the dials. Curious, am I the only one that might think that LR v4 is slower than v3. So, far Excellent review as always. It is almost as if another school of thought won the battle inside Adobe! Strange that saturation also seems to take a stronger role, I hardly use it in LR1.

    Since I will continue with XP at least for another year, maybe even two, I will see what happens before moving over and will use my expensive LR books in the mean time. RAM puts the limits in image processing and video coding! But to end positively: LR price is finally brought down to OK. Thanks, Amadou.

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    Very helpful review. I welcome the Book module and I'm really glad for the video handling. Having the LR interface for both is a great way to streamline workflow and save some time. I will upgrade from LR3.


    Great review that covers all the additions. Very good real world examples. I will be upgrading to Lr4. All color labels I used for classifying pictures in LR3 have disappeared in catalogues updated to LR4. Is this normal? Does anyone know a way to keep color labels in updated catalogues? With regards to the soft proofing, I don't understand why software shouldn't automatically match the proof to the original.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Publisher's Description

    Given that the system is able to predict how each will compare, it seems like a case of a simple objective function to be optimized. I'm tempted to make a plugin to do this, but in practice there aren't enough hours in the day for me How would that be different from what LR4 has now? Once you have the monitor calibrated and choose the correct printer profile, it is, as you say, automatically matched.

    You can't skip those earlier steps because you have to know what the exact variables are. For the G3 the new raw processing is worth close to a full stop in high ISO noise. Even is nice for 8x10's and I find myself wishing the G3 had a setting. It is a good upgrade, many improvements, this way LightRoom continue to be the best, in my opinion Capture One the second and the third is the very good RawTherapy for FREE on windows also, and the fourth is Bibble Pro.

    RawTherapee is very good, but I would give Photivo a try. Photivo is free and a very powerful RAW editor with lots and lots of filters. Just bought it at euros in France! Great price move, I won't use my hacked version of lightroom 3 anymore I mastered the previous versions well enough as to make an expeditious work flow for my LR Raw conversions.

    Now they decided not only to change the Process Version PV but actually to also change controls that do different things. This means that I will now have to 1 re-train from scratch on how to use the software and 2 intensively re-work all my current catalog on previous processed images Even if I skip the reprocessing now, this is something that will inevitably be a problem in the future as I don't see Adobe indefinitely carrying PVs from versions to versions..

    I mean, only 5 years have past and they are already in their 3rd PV, so sooner or later this problem will arise. Stay with PV if you prefer that which will also leave the control sliders as you know them. Also, don't assume they will stop supporting old PV, unless they say so.