I backed up my iphone where are the files on my mac

You can store this data on your computer or iPhone running Safari, but you can also choose to sync it to Apple's iCloud servers. To store bookmarks to the cloud on an iPhone, tap the "Settings" app on the home screen, and then tap your name.

Where is my iTunes backup file stored?

Then, tap "iCloud. If you're using a Mac, click the Apple menu represented by the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen.

Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Then click "System Preferences. If you have some Windows computers you use at home or work, you can also sync the bookmarks from your favorite Windows browsers to iCloud. Open iCloud for Windows and check the checkbox next to "Bookmarks. You can export Safari passwords to Apple's cloud and sync them between devices. You can do this using Apple's Keychain feature.

On an iPhone, tap the "Settings" app on the home screen, then tap your name. Tap "iCloud", then "Keychain" and turn "iCloud Keychain" on using the toggle switch. Enter your password, and create a security code if you're prompted to do so. On a Mac, click the Apple menu, then click "System Preferences.

Once your iOS and macOS devices are all set up to use the system, they will each prompt you to securely save passwords, payment information and other sensitive data to the cloud for safekeeping from Safari. If you don't use iCloud, you can still back up your Safari data or transfer it to a new Mac. You simply need to know the Safari bookmarks location, which is within your home directory in a hidden "Library" folder. On recent versions of macOS, you can also make the folder visible through Finder.

To do so, open your home directory in Finder by clicking the "Go" menu and then "Home.

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Now, navigate to the Library folder in your home folder and go to the Safari folder. Look for a file called Bookmarks. However I do not see it on my Itunes account. I havent been able to connect my backup file on my computer hard drive with Itunes. Ive tried deleting the new backup march I've definitely seen this when iTunes is uninstalled, and then reinstalled from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. Close iTunes. Don't rename anything inside of that folder like the two letter folders or the plist files , but renaming the long string of letters and numbers to something more memorable is fine to do and good to make sure it's not overwritten if you're using the same iPhone still.

Thank u Kelly.

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This is the best answer was i looking for. Very informative and easy to understand. I have a new phone and want to restore the data from my old phone onto it. But, I had to reinstall Itunes, and now it says the phone has never been backed up.

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I found the backup file on my computer, but how do I make it visible in itunes so I can put it on my new phone? Are you on Windows 10 by chance?

iPhone Backup File Location on Mac and Windows PC

If not, what operating system are you running? My hunch is that the original backup was made on iTunes downloaded directly from Apple, but now you're running iTunes from the Microsoft Windows 10 store or the reverse. Do you remember where you installed iTunes from downloading from the Apple website or Microsoft Windows 10 Store when you just reinstalled it? Decipher TextMessage won't ever block your phone. Decipher Media makes Decipher Tools software to address common iPhone, iPad, and iPod needs like documenting text messages, photo recovery, and fixing broken iPhone backups.

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A file browser window will open to the Application Data folder.